Equine Acupuncture Referrals

Equine Acupuncture Referrals

Frequently asked questions

Will my horse or pony object to the treatment?

Happy horse with needles

Horse undergoing acupuncture treatment

By far the majority of horses and ponies accept and enjoy the chiropractic treatment and then show little discomfort on insertion of the acupuncture needles.

My horse hates injections!

Don't worry, there is usually a way to get round this. Many owners are surprised that following careful insertion of one or two needles, the horse becomes very relaxed and may even look as though it has been sedated. Acupuncture should never be stressful for the patient so in some cases where the horse is particularly nervous or sore, light sedation may be given for the first treatment. This does not reduce the effectiveness of the acupuncture.

Will my insurance company pay for the treatment?

Most insurance companies include acupuncture and chiropractic in their veterinary cover provided it has been recommended by your vet.

Why do I need to rest my horse after treatment?

Treatment with chiropractic and acupuncture alleviates muscle tension and pain, allowing the horse to move more freely. In order to maximise the benefit of the treatment, the horse should be allowed to adjust to this quietly on its own without the added pressure of carrying a rider.