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Looking on the Bright Side: A Vet's Tale

Book cover of Looking on the Bright Side: A Vet's Tale by Sue Devereux

This book follows Sue’s story from the interview for her first job as a newly qualified vet in a country practice in Dorset. She recalls her hopes, aspirations and dreams as she started her professional career. But it soon becomes apparent that life as a vet is more than a career as she shares some of the wonderful stories she has been privileged to be part of. Stories that are touching, uplifting, highly amusing and, inevitably, some that are incredibly sad.

Midnight bitch caesareans, tricky calf and foal births, pulling cows out of a bog sit alongside special moments shared with the owner in the last minutes of an old pony’s life. There is a scary blue-light ambulance trip to A&E after being struck on the head by a horse and a face to face encounter with the bared teeth of an unrestrained German Shepherd Dog. How does she stop the baby elephant lifting her off the ground or remove the retained afterbirth of a wild New Forest pony in a deserted churchyard in the dark? Dealing with distressed clients in testing circumstances, not to mention handling the unruly circus zebra who had no intention of giving up a blood sample are all part of Sue’s day.

After working in a variety of veterinary disciplines, from being a farm vet to a busy small animal practice, Sue’s passion for horses eventually led her to concentrate her skills as an equine vet.

With a refreshing emotional honesty, Sue includes the difficulties she faced within her private life: balancing work with motherhood which then escalated as she became a single parent when her 2 children were very young, and then the cancer diagnosis just as she had started her own equine practice.

Not one to be defeated, her work and family gave her the motivation to cope with the chemotherapy and she is now fully recovered and enjoying the next phase of her life.

A Message from Sue

As soon as I started working as a vet, I knew that one day I would like to share some of my stories.

The only problem was where to start and how to do it in a way that had not been done before.

Then in October 2009 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I realised I had my starting point. Planning and writing this book gave me something positive to focus on.

I hope you enjoy my story.

Stars Appeal Fundraising Appeal

All the profits from the sale of the book will be donated to the Stars Appeal, the NHS charity for Salisbury District Hospital, as a small thank you for saving my life at least twice.

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"I could not wait to read the next page…. The next chapter and wanted it to continue when it came to an end! It’s everything from a wonderful true story to a heart breaking tale of how much one lady can go through in a short space of time. I hope there is another book coming along? I’m no big reader but I picked this book up every chance I had… even in the bath! Fabulous.. will be buying copies for Christmas presents for sure :)"

Spresh, Amazon Review